Colfax & Garfield
Colfax & Garfield
3725 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206

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Kevin Brock

(303) 377-1117

Monday – Saturday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: Closed

Meet the Operator

Kevin Brock

You could say that Chick-fil-A is a family affair for Kevin. His big brother, Chris, has been an operator for 35 years, and Kevin used to work for him during the summer when he was in high school. After working at a Chick-fil-A back home in North Carolina, he knew he wanted to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

He fell in love with the vision and purpose of Chick-fil-A — a purpose that aligned with his goals for his own life.

“I’ve found that my purpose in life is to glorify God and be a faithful steward of all that’s entrusted to me and to have a positive influence with everyone who comes in contact with me,” says Kevin. “It was just a no-brainer for me; why would you not work for a company that has the same goal in mind that you have in your own life?”

In The Heart of Denver

There’s no doubt that we’re a little different here at Chick-fil-A Colfax & Garfield. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not only do we have a double drive-thru lane — complete with a conveyor belt delivering your meal fresh and directly to your window — but we have the unique opportunity to serve guests who live and work in the heart of Denver. And whether they get to us on foot, on a bicycle or by bus, we’re ready and waiting to greet them with a hot meal and a smile.

We also know that we’re surrounded by neighbors and friends who may need an extra helping hand from time to time. That’s why we love joining forces with some wonderful organizations that believe in providing help and hope to those who need it most.

Like Church in the City that reaches out to those suffering from homelessness or addiction and provides them with resources and support. And Inner City Health, an organization that provides health care at a reasonable cost for those who are unable to have health insurance.

To us, it’s a privilege to be able serve as a gathering place for everyone, no matter what his or her day looked like. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing quite like a delicious chicken sandwich and a comfortable place to eat to make your day just a little brighter.

Honor, Dignity and Respect for All

Here at Chick-fil-A Colfax & Garfield, we love that we have a team that is just as diverse as the guests we serve every day — with nine countries represented and upward of 15 different languages spoken. And we think that’s pretty exciting, because it enables our team to make sure that everyone who walks in our doors feels welcomed and well taken care of.

We’re passionate about supporting the aspirations of each one of our team members. Whether it’s becoming the first person in their family to go to college or taking steps toward becoming an entrepreneur, we love when they allow us to come alongside them in their journeys. Through our scholarship, a team member can pursue an education that enables her to take better care of her family. And our individual leadership program helps to develop the skills and qualities needed for another team member to become a small business owner.

And some of these team members may be stepping into their very first job in America. Through Lutheran Family Services, we hire and train refugees who have come to the United States in search of safety and opportunity.

Regardless of how they join the team, each team member knows that they have a home at Chick-fil-A Colfax & Garfield where they’ll be treated with honor, dignity and respect.